Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A Mini Collection

Here is a project that i have just finished in my 2nd year at university. The brief was to design a 'Mini Collection' from a chosen photograph and create one of the designs. I decided to chose the 'Ginza-Tokyo' photograph because i'am really inspired by contemporary architecture and Tokyo has the most inspirational, futuristic buildings. This is something i wanted to show through my designs. I wanted to re-create the pattern from the rooftop which lead me to experiment with machine embroidery to create the pattern. My main inspirations for this project are Tokyo architecture, contemporary artist Yayoi Kasama and Yves Saint Laurent's 1965 Fall/Winter 'Mondrian' collection.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I went on a little adventure today. I decided to take a walk past my old primary school to see if anything had changed. They still have the same playground and adventure playground but theyve cut down one of my favourite trees that i used to hang around :( I wonder if my favourite teacher Miss Hill is still there, she used to do this thing were we pretended we were trains when it was cold out and we could see our own breath. I do miss being young and having nothing to worry about.

A Visit To London

On monday i went to London for a trial day at Karen Millen for a one year placement that is part of my university degree. The trial went really well and i learnt so many things in the few hours i was there, i find out whether or not i get the placement  next week so i'am keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed because it is such a great opportunity and i'am in love with London! Even just being there with the busy surroundings and attractions is just amazing. I would never get bored there ever. Here are a few pictures that i took on instagram of the London Eye and Big Ben.


I have decided to create a blog to upload images of my university work and also pictures from my day to day life, its going to be kind of like a diary for me. I have recently finished my 2nd year of university studying fashion design which i throughly enjoy so this is the perfect time for me to post my experiences, influences and findings.